All you need to know about Typescript!

Continuing with the series “All you need to know about” today with Typescript
First of all, a brief list of pro/cons in my opinion:


  • Use Types allows autocomplete and better tooling.
  • Type checking allows you to make the code more solid.
  • Warn you of common problems in js(types mixes, wrong returns types)
  • Easy adaptation of the actual code(you can work with js code or integrate them as is).
  • Full integration in Visual Studio Code(if you use it) and great tooling on major editors.
  • Create your own Types and apply them to refactoring
  • You can start it simple and when the code becomes more complex, you can add more control with Types and interfaces.
  • Appropriate errors if you are using es5, es6, etc.
  • Minimal changes to adapt your code to es6, es5, etc(and if you use an unsupported feature the compiler warns you).


  • If you don't have types for some external library you have to mark everything with Any Type(most features get lost in that mode).
  • Sometimes, valid code (but not quite correct solutions) will mark your error and you need to figure out how to solve it.
  • Another language to learn.
  • Another tool to build your code.

How to install it, and first steps:

Install Node Package Manager (npm)

$ curl | sh
$ npm --version 1.1.70

Install the TypeScript npm package globally in the command line:

$ npm install -g typescript
$ npm view typescript version
npm http GET  
npm http 304  

Any modern browser: Chrome is used for this tutorial Any text editor: Sublime Text is used for this tutorial
Syntax highlighting plugin for text editors

Fundamental book:

Official documentation:


Playground to modify code:

Visual Studio Code support:

Another good guide:

Opinion articles:

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