Everything has a value if looks good

The philosophy of the design is visible everywhere, in your coffee, in the market, on your bed. Every object has a different design and, if you look close, you will find the philosophy of that design.

Design without design?

There are some products that when you see it the first thing that crosses your mind is “This has no design”, but wait! There is no design and that is part of the design, evolving the functionality of it.
We can see that the design is not only pretty colors, draws or shapes, there is more than that, beyond the design there is a functionality that helps to the user's eye understand the complete package.
You have all you need to know to understand the image. It has design, and in his minimal expression

Less is really more on the web?

I experienced different cases of “Less is More” and my conclusion is that "the fanatism transforms" great concepts in the new art of steal. Let me compare with football, one of the most beautiful sport on the planet but the fans around the world solve the extravagant salary of the players, this makes the football corrupt. And that's happened when we fall on the fanaticism.
It is similar in the design, all these concepts create a new eye every day that helps you to take the right choice but not always the minimal things are the solution. And for sure, we could take a concept like this and steal with it.

Psicology of colors.

This is a huge thing, the eye is the most complex organ in our body. When we see the color light, we got influenced by that color feeling something in our brain. That could be inspiration, sadness, happiness, hungry, and much more. It's like music, the vibration of the sound makes you be relaxed or exalted.

Now, I take these concepts carefully because we can use the strong believes of green color for health and natural things but Spotify has green too and the psychology behind may could be his balance or equilibrium, for instance. The big question here is, What kind of psicology influence would you like to bring?
Time! Wait! Remember about fans, we don t have to be on a side, we could be in a middle point and always keeping the common sense.


As I said before, we have to take all these concepts to increase the professionalism in our decisions. We have to think like an artist, be on the details, be on the colors, be on the smile of your client at the end of the project. Every article, every perspective , every concept ,if we toke in a positive way, we going to learn how expres what we feel.