SCRAPfy Bot: A new Slack bot

We are really excited to launch our new Slack Bot for SCRAPfy.
SCRAPfy is a tool to work simultaneously in your code with your team, wherever you are!

Now, with this bot you will be able to:

  • Create a new room just talking with @scrapfybot and typing new
  • Convert any shared snippet (in channels) in a new SCRAPfy room with the code pre-loaded
  • Return a new snippet with your code from SCRAPfy to the parent Slack channel

Install SCRAPfy Bot in your Team

To install our bot, you just need to go to and press the button Add to Slack. This will ask you for some permissions before installation.

Create a new room

When you need a new room in your current Slack Channel, just need to mention @scrapfybot, typing @slackbot new (this will ask to add SCRAPfy Bot to this channel).

Convert snippets to rooms

If you share a snippet in a Slack Channel where SCRAPfy Bot is hearing, our bot will ask you to convert that snippet to a new room, and then will return back the SCRAPfy room URL.

Convert your room in a snippet

Once you finish your work with friends, you can post all the code from SCRAPfy to a snippet. This feature is only available if you create the room from a snippet in a Slack channel.

Please, feel free to comment or contact us. You can take a look our Brochure too or visit our Works.