The fear behind Offshoring

The globalization on the scene and having in consideration the relationship between the consolidated economies and the emerging ones, the relocation of the productive process became popular among companies. This new approach was called offshoring.

Offshoring implementation

The companies fragment his production on different phases and locate them on a global scale. This way, they reduce the productive cost.
Offshoring is also a management tool, through a company what can choose to focus solely on its core business plan, and not take part in an inherent process of their activities.
On this context, the companies must find answers to his fears and doubts to implement this kind of system (offshoring) for the development of his software platforms.
I could summarize this fears or doubts in this 3 principal titles:

1. Lost of quality

How preserve the quality of my production? Here the companies should have in account the pool of global talent to make his choice so the companies could select the best team for his product.

2. Lose vision in the development process

To give visibility to the entire development process, teams should be highly communicative and proactive. They should give answers, solve problems, make implementation and communicate them. Always the communication should be the first priority.

3. Communicational Gap

This issue could be solved searching teams with a philosophy according to their needs, who understand the crucial importance of communication for the success of the project and the commercial relationship.


This "offshoring fears" are diminished and solved with an excellent project management, looking for a team with a project manager sufficiently robust to be a nexus and offer solutions beyond the technological one.

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